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Wheelchair for dogs and cats


The benefits of a Pfaff - stainless steel - cart

  • individual customization
  • exact adjustment of length, height and circumference
  • adjustable balance of the cart (tilt)
  • hygiene cutout allows urinating / dropping
  • 6 years warranty of all stainless steel parts
  • frame stability and durability - no wear-out of drill holes
  • special carriage constructions possible (extra charge)

Pursuant to the following diagnoses:

  • paralysis or partial paralysis of hind legs
  • slipped disc, spondylosis, Cauda Equina syndrom, hip dysplasia, myelopathy
  • amputation (or partial) of hind legs
  • hip arthrosis
  • pain
  • postoperative / reconvalescence

Long-term experience in building wheelchairs for dogs and cats has shown that the advantages of using stainless steel instead of aluminium are significant.

The weight might be almost the same, but stainless steel is way more robust and lasting. Our customers confirm that.

Wheelchairs for dogs and cats in general


Normal front leg power and a good mental condition of the animal is required for using a cart. Urinating and dropping is no problem through the hygiene cutouts.

An animal wheelchair is not torture!

People like to say that sometimes.
Quite the contrary! The Wheelchair enables your dog or cat to move, it produces freedom of movement, independence and the possibility to keep social contact to other dogs and cats outside instead of staying home all the time - in short: a better life!

Please note: The animal doesn't carry the cart! Only the roll resistance need to be overcome.

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