Vest (for paw lifting expander) – custom made

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Vest (for paw lifting expander) – custom made

Newly developed by Dieter Pfaff Tierorthopädie (animal orthopedics) for dogs with neurologic deficits or disorders. The expander can be fixed at the shoe or the joint belt so that the direction of movement can be changed and be put to the individually best position.

The expander vest is used for height adjustment and a firm and exact position of the rubber expander so that it cannot move.

The expander can be changed in its position so that the perfect direction of movement and angle can be found and the strength of the extension/ traction can be adjusted. This proves important for an ideal support and direction of the leg.

An ordinary harness might slip and would not stay in the right position under the traction of the expander so that an ideal direction of the extension movement might get lost.

Length and traction force of the expander can easily be adjusted.

Used after the following diagnosis:

  • starting failure in lifting function of a paw/ dragging the paw and a reduced control of the back legs
  • paresis of the radialis nerve (only if flexor tendon is not shortened)*
  • creeping deficits of the back legs to avoid excoriation of the paws as well as to support the muscles and keep them in good condition
  • Cauda Equina
  • Myelopathy
  • infarct of the spinal cord
  • proprioceptive deficit
  • diabetes
  • etc.

*To avoid the shortening of the flexor tendon and/ or counteract a proprioceptive deficit, the shoe should be worn at night as well, particularly if a permanent tonicity tries to draw the paw into a flexed position.

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