TheraLock-DYNAMIC Premium Brace

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therapeutical multipurpose brace

The most stable and versatile brace available!

Developed by Dieter Pfaff Tierorthopädie (animal orthopedics)

Recommended by Dr.Wolf/ Dr. Altstetten, veterinarians known from the German animal TV-show “Hund-Katz-Maus” (dog-cat-mouse), as a most effectively stable and supporting brace and appropriate for light to middle Hyperextension, arthrosis/ arthritis/ inflammation as well as for protection during activities.

  • This brace/ bandage was designed for the purpose of a dynamic weightbearing after trauma/ surgery, similar to a human therapy with the same diagnosis.
  • A slowly increasing load on the joint shows significantly better and faster recovery results. A careful weightbearing allows the injured structures to slowly get reused to a normal load and to reach stability again.
  • The threat of a renewed damage or recurrence of the problem is clearly reduced and the animal regains confidence in its leg faster and better.

medical application/ use:

  • instability of ligaments and joints
  • light to middle-scaled Hyperextention
  • inflammations/ arthritis
  • sprain
  • excessive load on joints
  • sprained ligament
  • arthrosis
  • post surgery stabilization

- load relief and additional stabilization of carpal pad

- two anatomically customizable aluminum rods for joint fixation

- four dynamic spring elements, exclusively produced for Pfaff- Tierorthopädie (Pfaff-animal orthopedics)

- 2 or 3 winding fasteners/ latches


For a beginning to light Hyperextension (cf. photo in picture gallery) I recommend my own especially developed orthosis. The joint remains flexible but will be immobilized/ stopped in a normal physiological position.

If the joint is already more extended, the above mentioned orthosis may not be effective any more and only a joint immobilizing leg brace may work (also as an alternative to surgery) – which may have an impact on a different area.

This orthosis prevents a further worsening of the defective position and stops the joint in a normal physiological position. The earlier the orthosis is used on the defective joint the better, all the more to protect the other leg when the animal shifts its load onto the healthy side which will sooner or later be extensively strained, too.

Thus surgery and further risks can be avoided.

Prophylaxis avoids unnecessary and expensive follow-up diseases.

*Please note that appearance, color and material of the above shown products can vary since we constantly improve and further develop our products.