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PTO KARPAL plus - Acute Orthosis with front cover

Professional carpal joint orthosis

for fixing / immobilization of the joint - can be used on the left or right

Quick Wound control within 5 seconds

Available in 7 different sizes and 2 Designs.

Use at:

  • after trauma, unclear relieving posture
  • Joint lowering / hyperextension
  • joint osteoarthritis
  • joint inflammation
  • for postoperative protection / arthrodesis / joint stiffening
  • fractures
  • in the case of tendon damage, e.g. ligament strain
  • saves expensive and time-consuming bandage changes

Instead of being hermetically wrapped in a bandage and without ventilation, this orthosis is perforated. For optimal air circulation / breathable - this avoids skin irritation / sores and saves money.


  • disinfectable
  • X-ray transparent
  • easy in use
  • customizable in width

This orthosis can be both narrowed and widened by hand. The orthosis is designed in such a way that there is enough space for a bandage or wound dressing. The robust material can be easily disinfected.

If the orthosis is too wide or too narrow at certain points, the width of the orthosis can be easily adjusted. To do this, use a standard hair dryer and gently heat the plastic in the desired area for approx. 1 - 2 minutes. Now you can expand or narrow the material by hand.

Putting on the orthosis

  • The orthosis is put on from the back of the barrel, the tab from the front
  • the orthosis is fixed in place by tensioning/pulling the straps so that it does not slip
  • Straps and pads can be cut with scissors.


In the case of swelling, e.g. of the paw, the belt tension must be reduced.

Cleaning - disinfection of the orthosis

  • clean with a mild detergent
  • Disinfect e.g. Baktolin, Sterillium or Sagrotan

*Please note that appearance, color and texture may differ from the illustrations shown here. Our products are constantly being further developed.