Paw lifting / Redressement shoe

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Paw lifting / Redressement shoe

suitable for any dog breed

available sizes:

size 1.....width: 4,5 cm - length: 6,0 cm

size 2.....width: 4,5 cm - length: 7,0 cm

size 3.....width: 5,0 cm - length: 6,0 cm

size 4.....width: 6,0 cm - length: 7,0 cm

size 5.....width: 6,0 cm - length: 7,5 cm

size 6.....width: 6,0 cm - length: 8,5 cm

size 7.....width: 7,0 cm - length: 10,5 cm

or customized

Including redressement cord (length: ~ 30 cm)

  • Lifts the paw and avoids excoriation of toes and the back of the paw
  • endowed with a strong sole
  • special fixation avoids slipping off the paw

Used after the following diagnosis:

  • starting failure in lifting function of a paw/ dragging the paw
  • paresis of the radialis nerve (only if flexor tendon is not shortened)*
  • Cauda Equina
  • Myelopathy
  • infarct of the spinal cord
  • proprioceptive deficit
  • diabetes
  • etc.

*To avoid the shortening of the flexor tendon and/ or counteract a proprioceptive deficit, the shoe should be worn at night as well, particularly if a permanent tonicity tries to draw the paw into a flexed position.

**Please note that appearance, color and material of the above shown products can vary since we constantly improve and further develop our products.