Line2 dog shoe

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Multifunctional Paw Protection Shoe

available in 4 versions and eight different sizes.

suitable for any dog breed

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    Basic Paw Protector
  • LIFT
    Protect + Paw Lifting (Redress)
    Protect + Expander chord
    All versions in one

Used after the following diagnosis:

  • paresis of the radialis nerve (only if flexor tendon is not shortened)
  • Allergies
  • Anti-slip shoe (i.e. on slippery floors)
  • Fractures
  • proprioceptive deficit
  • diabetes
  • starting failure in lifting function of a paw/ dragging the paw
  • Cauda Equina
  • Myelopathy
  • and more

An important milestone towards orthopaedic aid for dogs

The Line2 shoe is basically equipped with a robust outsole. We use a sole material that is used for safety shoes and can be loaded up to 160kg. In the front part of the sole, the material is reinforced by approx. 2 - 3 mm and thus offers additional protection against abrasion.

The Line2 paw shoe made of neoprene is waterproof (however, frequent use in salt water can damage the adhesion). A special sole relief provides additional slip resistance.

In its basic version PROTECT, it protects sensitive paws, e.g. from road salt or allergies, and prevents slipping on smooth surfaces.

In the LIFT version, the shoe is equipped with a lifting function in addition to the basic paw protection. Here, the side straps are connected to a restraining strap on the joint belt.

The XPAND version (only for the hind legs) supports the running momentum with the help of an expander cable. The complete version COMPLETE offers everything in one shoe.

All models are equipped with a retaining strap above the joint. The side straps are connected to the shoe with Velcro and are therefore adjustable in length. This prevents the paw shoe from slipping off the paw.

Line2 customization is not possible. Custom-made products are still available for the products paw protection shoe, correction shoe and correction shoe with expander.

Please note that appearance, color and material of the above shown products can vary since we constantly improve and further develop our products.