Carrying Aid - forelegs

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Front leg relief / supporting carrier

size: S...breast girth: 55 - 61 cm.....upper front leg girth: 15 – 22 cm

size: M...breast girth: 62 - 68 cm.....upper front leg girth: 17 - 24 cm

size: L...breast girth: 69 - 75 cm.....upper front leg girth: 19 - 26 cm

size: XL...breast girth: 76 - 82 cm.....upper front leg girth: 23 - 30 cm

Used for:

  • Weakness, pain, limited range of motion of the hind legs
  • elbow arthrosis
  • muscular or neurologic disorders
  • problem with ascending stairs or getting in the car

Advantages of a carrier

  • helps the animal to stay in motion when it doesn’t have the strength to walk any more or has a hard time walking
  • to relieve legs after surgery
  • helpful for dog and owner since it also relieves the owner’s back due to adjustable carrying straps
  • the dog can use its functioning legs independently and at the same time the weak legs are being relieved
  • hygienic openings in the area of anus and genitals enable the dog to urinate and defecate
  • carriers are made from 4 mm neoprene and are reinforced in heavily strained parts

We use the following neoprene characteristics:

Neoprene is a closed-cell foamed plastic based on chloroprene rubber (CR).

The combination of various kinds of rubber and numerous other components leads to its unique characteristics, which are as follows:

  • excellent insulation
  • high dynamic weight bearing
  • resistance to weather and ozone
  • good protection against aging
  • tear- and abrasion-proof
  • highly elastic and shock resistant
  • good adhesion
  • resistance to saltwater and many chemicals
  • resistance to fungus and bacteria
  • low permeability to gas
  • environmentally friendly
  • skin compatible
  • breathable due to perforation
  • impermeable to water

*Please note that appearance, color and material of the above shown products can vary since we constantly improve and further develop our products.