Carpo Active & Protect / Sports Brace

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  • prophylaxis during sports, work-out/ training, play activities
  • to protect carpal joint, ligaments and tendons, thumb and pad
  • can be used for slightly strained ligaments, traumata and arthrosis
  • Carpo Active & Protect is made from high-quality neoprene (made in Germany) which offers top characteristics and maximum comfort
  • The middle belt can be placed individually and thus perfectly considers the animal’s respective anatomy
  • For a stronger stabilization of the joints, flexible spring rods can be put into the side pockets if needed.


If a hyperextension of the carpal joint is diagnosed, this brace should not be used as it causes excoriation of the carpal pad and the backside joint. In this case, I highly recommend TheraLock DYNAMIC to prevent a worsening of the given hyperextension.


For a beginning or middle hyperextension I recommend an orthosis/ brace that I have especially designed for this problem. The joint remains flexible but stops in normal physiological position.

We use the following neoprene characteristics…

Neoprene is a closed-cell foamed plastic based on chloroprene rubber (CR).

The combination of various kinds of rubber and numerous other components leads to its unique characteristics, which are as follows:

  • excellent insulation
  • high dynamic weight bearing
  • resistance to weather and ozone

  • good protection against aging
  • tear- and abrasion-proof
  • highly elastic and shock resistant
  • good adhesion
  • resistance to saltwater and many chemicals
  • resistance to fungus and bacteria
  • low permeability to gas
  • environmentally friendly
  • skin compatible
  • breathable due to perforation
  • impermeable to water

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