About me

Hello, I am Dieter Pfaff.

Senior orthotist since 2000.

Since 1988 I care about disabled and injured people, providing them with individual orthopaedic aids like orthesis, prothesis and wheelchairs. I started my carrer at the orthopaedic department of the Justus Liebig Universitätsklinik Gießen in Germany.

6 intensive years full of practical experiences, treating patients in cooperation with orthopaedists and physiotherapists. Treatments after amputation, corrections of false positionsand supporting the passive musculoskeletal system.

Back in 1994 I went over to animal orthopaedic care. I knew, it applies the same principle as in human medicine. Knowledge in theoretical issues as much as in practical issues is necessary for understanding and empathy. All Important requirements to supply orthopaedic aids and appliances for animals.


Dieter H. Pfaff

Senior orthotist, CEO Pfaff Tierorthopädie