Animal Orthopaedics

animal orthopaedic aids and appliances


Soothe pain, restore functionality of joints, keep animal life quality - competence of 25 years in animal orthopaedics

Diagnoses on joints, tendons, limbs or ligaments require orthopaedic care very often and it is not seldom that an orthopaedic aid is the only alternative to operations. Or even the better and risk-free solution.

Orthopaedic aids and appliances in veterinary medicine and their countless possibilities are relatively new and unknown.

As a pioneer in this field, I made a lot of developements. Now I can say there is a huge difference between animal- and human orthopaedics. Same as between human medicine and veterinary medicine.

Since 25 years already I am dealing with this issue - theoretically and practically. Animal orthopaedic aids need to be the same percisely and accurate as those for human requirements.

Individual anatomy requires individual solutions.

Orthopaedic aids for animals work the same way as for human.

And here you will find these Orthopaedic aids! Thank you for visiting us.

The oldest orthopaedic supply for animals - since 2006

Since 1994, I deal with the issues of developing orthopaedic aids for animals. In 2006 I founded my medical supply store for pets: Dieter Pfaff Tierorthopädie.

Cooperations within greater Europe, including animal care Centres and Universities made it possible to further develope orthopaedic aids, orthesis and prothesis for animals, such as in human medicine, that I already did for 25 years.

Orthopaedic aids for animals require good knowledge and observation skills of animal behaviour, anatomy and physiological characteristics of dogs and cats.

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